A free webinar by the United Nations shows how artificial intelligence can help eliminate poverty, ensure gender equality and even fight COVID-19.

While most of us experience artificial intelligence through everyday devices, it can do much more than automating the delivery of household products or enhancing photos from our cameras. It can improve the very fundamental criteria of quality of living, from health and education to economic growth and even human rights.

To promote the potential of the technology, the United Nations organized AI for Good, an inclusive platform that brings together professionals from various industries influenced by AI.

This year, however, the traditional Summit in Geneva has been canceled due to a ban on large-scale events. But don’t fret: You can still engage in debates on the further development of the tech and its potential risks online.

“AI for Good Webinar Series is a free, live series of talks, interviews, and panels, featuring inter-disciplinary experts whose ideas, insights and solutions can help humanity leverage AI for good. The series will draw upon expertise from the AI for Good Global Summit community to share the latest developments in AI, unique insights and promising use cases on global challenges,” says the website.

The first two episodes of the webinar focus on the use of artificial intelligence in the battle against COVID-19. It will be possible to access all past sessions in the archive.

AI for Good Webinar

You can join the free webinar every Friday at 12 p.m. UTC through Zoom.

Also, if you are curious about the topic, you can take up a free beginner course on artificial intelligence developed by the Univesity of Helsinki.

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