London’s Tate Modern had to close its doors only five days after the opening of Andy Warhol’s retrospective. But don’t fret – you can now visit the event online.

This year was supposed to be the Year of Andy Warhol – well, at least in the art community. But as most museums and cultural sites had to shut down, so did the many opened and scheduled exhibitions dedicated to the controversial author, whom some art historians consider to be the last avant-garde persona of the 20th century.

Dubbed Michelangelo of the Madison Avenue, Andy Warhol turned the art world upside down with his quirky take on American pop culture and consumerism, which, in his work, are one. His prophetic statements on fame and modernity have become part of the universal consciousness, just like his technicolor portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Jackie O, or Mao Zedong created throughout the 1960s.

Unsurprisingly, these iconic images were the attractions of Tate Modern’s exhibition called – simply – Andy Warhol. The blockbuster London event intended to run from March 12 to September 6 displayed many facets of the enfant terrible’s oeuvre from little-known drawings to famous silkscreen prints.

Since the retrospective closed only five days after the opening, Tate Modern has released a free exhibition video tour hosted by Tate curators Gregor Muir and FiontΓ‘n Moran. They discuss Warhol’s life, work, and personal views while showing more than 100 works that make up the exhibition. This way, you can see pieces like Elvis I and II, or Marilyn Diptych while staying safe at home.

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