Black, bold, and beautiful. Twenty drag queens are coming together for a free online spectacle to show you what Black Girl Magic is all about.

Heidi N Closet, Shea CouleΓ©, Widow Von’Du, Monique Heart, Asia O’Hara, Mayhem Miller, The Vixen. Or, in other words, legendary drag queens. 

A line-up consisting of such stars would have been enough. Yet, on May 20, they will be joined by thirteen more gender performers during the online rendition of Black Girl Magic, the renowned monthly club extravaganza that celebrates black culture and black LGBT artists.

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The Chicago event that presents local and global talent was built by The Vixen, who wanted to create a platform where “black LGBT people could feel welcome and express themselves freely in Boystown,” she said in February to Chicago Sun-Times. 

“Growing up in Chicago, Boystown is like gay heaven, but I always heard black gay boys say they were intimidated or didn’t feel welcome in the neighborhood,” she added, saying that the area is still plagued by casual racism. “But if you go somewhere and don’t feel represented, you should represent. That’s what Black Girl Magic is.”

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The digital drag show will stream worldwide through Twitch for free. However, if your current situation allows you to, you’ll be able to make a donation and support your favorite local queens such as Khloe Park, Lucy Stoole, Lexa Black, or Switch The Boi. 

But don’t worry if you won’t be able to catch the live broadcast: The program will be available for 24 hours after the original streaming.

Black Girl Magic

The online drag show streams through Twitch on May 20 at 8 pm CST. You can find the complete line-up on The Vixen’s Instagram account.

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