Have you just created your first app? Are you a seasoned developer? In any case, you shouldn’t miss Byteconf React 2020, a free online conference on ReactJS.

There are many reasons why ReactJS is currently one of the most popular JavaScript libraries. Developed and launched by Facebook in 2013, the efficient framework lets developers create smooth and functional apps in a simple interface with cross-platform support and amazing developer tools. All that and more for both mobile devices and the web.

It’s no surprise that over the years, React has gained a massive following with a dedicated fanbase. In fact, this piece of technology has given birth to countless independent meetups and conferences, including Byteconf React, which takes place on May 1.

While some tech events have gone digital due to the global pandemic, Byteconf has been 100% online since 2018. The single-day event streamed on YouTube allows you to learn from the best teachers in the programming world without having to buy a flight or book a hotel.

Oh, and it’s also completely free.

In other words, you have no excuse to miss Byteconf, which, again, rocks an impress line-up of speakers. The list includes Shawn Wang from Netlify, Auth0’s James Quick, or Ali Spittel, the author of the We Learn Code platform and the Ladybug Podcast.

The lectures are intended for both beginners and intermediate users of ReactJS and cover a plethora of topics from building user-friendly interfaces to explaining the fundamentals of web development.

Byteconf React 2020

The free online conference streams on May 1 via YouTube. Your ticket grants access to a giveaway of Udemy courses.

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