What do you know about COVID-19? Johns Hopkins University now offers a free course on the disease. It requires no previous background in science.

Rumors about the present pandemic are just as nasty as the virus itself. That’s why three epidemiology experts from Johns Hopkins University decided to create a crash course on COVID-19, and they are making it available for free.

Whether you feel overwhelmed by the number of news and memes flooding your feed on social media or just seek clear answers, the five-hour course aims to explain most, if not all issues regarding the topic. Its curriculum reveals how many people have been infected, how infectious is the virus, or what can be done to combat it.

The online course was designed with the general public in mind, and you don’t need any previous knowledge in the fields of science, epidemiology or health to participate.

“We’re offering this teach-out because the COVID-19 epidemic has generated curiosity and confusion about the science behind control efforts,” says Gypsyamber D’Souza, professor of epidemiology at Johns Hopkins University. “We have a sophisticated toolset for measuring and helping to stop outbreaks, and equipping people with a basic understanding of those tools can help reduce the confusion and empower people to be part of the solution.”

Fighting COVID-19 with Epidemiology

The course is open for enrollment and runs until May 30.

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