Want to acquire new skills during lockdown? Then take up this seminar and learn how to make your own Android apps, even with no prior experience in coding.

If you own a smart device, there’s a large chance it is powered by Android. The free and open-source operating system developer and released by Google in 2008 has become omnipresent, and you can find it everywhere from phones and tablets to voice-activated gadgets, watches that measure your physical activity, and even cars.

The biggest rival of Apple’s iOS may not be without its controversies, mainly when it comes to the handling of users’ privacy – but hey, not even Apple scores all points in this department, despite its privacy-first marketing – but the 2.5 million Android apps currently available for download on the Google Play Store speak volumes about the system’s popularity.

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Maybe you too would like to create one, and thanks to Google, you can now learn how to do so with a free course that will guide through the whole process. To start, you don’t need any previous knowledge in programming – in fact, the online lectures will teach the favored programming language Kotlin along the way.

“Learning to code for the first time can feel intimidating, but it is possible to learn without a technical background,” says the description of the free initiative, which was launched in July. “The goal is to expose you to the tools and resources that professional Android developers use. With hands-on practice, you learn the fundamentals of programming. By the end of the course, you will have completed a collection of Android apps to start building a portfolio.”

As of now, the first chapter consisting of the very basics of Kotlin is available, with more sections coming soon. You’ll discover how to add images and text to your Android apps and find out how to use classes, objects, and conditionals to create interactive content for your users.

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The course comes at a time when many have lost their employment, and some people are thinking about switching to remote jobs. Learning how to develop Android apps – or apps for any mobile platform for that matter – not only allows you to work from home but is a great asset in the world where digital slowly replaces physical.

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