Are you a charity, an NGO, or a community volunteer? Then you’ll appreciate this free online course that will help you finetune your fundraising strategy.

Crowdfunding events are getting canceled, corporations are tightening their budgets, countries are pumping money into the global economy. These sure are challenging times for all charities, non-profit organizations, and individuals with an honorable mission whose work, helping the most vulnerable among us, depends on stable financial support.

If even large institutions such as Oxfam are losing money every month due to Covid-19, how are the smaller, local foundations supposed to survive? But worry not because the University of Kent aims to get your activities back on track with their free course called How to Fundraise: A Guide to Fundraising for Non-Fundraisers.

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As the title suggests, the educational program serves as a practical guide that will give you tips on everything from preparing your fundraising story to processing donations. “The best strategies emotionally and socially resonate with donors, volunteers, and staff alike, and we aim to help more organizations identify how to engage with their individual supporters,” stated Dr. Lesley Alborough, a research fellow at the Center for Philanthropy of the University of Kent.

The seminar, which takes three weeks to finish, dives into essential strategies for kickstarting or refining your fundraising efforts, and you will learn how to master communication, pitch your cause effectively, and create sustainable, long-term plans. You’ll also examine the social psychology of donations and understand how to create long-lasting relationships with your donors. 

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“As you explore the process, you’ll build skills in fundraising management and learn how to create a strategy that works for your organization,” says the course description. Produced by one of the leading British universities, the whole curriculum is backed by evidence-based research and designed for leaders and members of small charities, volunteer-led groups, as well as inexperienced fundraisers.

How to Fundraise: A Guide to Fundraising for Non-Fundraisers

The course hosted by FutureLearn will go live on June 8, 2020. Registrations are now open.

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