Will you hug or stay away from Lady Gaga? The choice is yours in Francesco Vezzoli’s online art project Love Stories created for Fondazione Prada.

Who would have thought that Instagram, of all places, would become a platform for exploring new forms of art? We’ve seen weird things on social media during the pandemic, yet Francesco Vezzoli’s exhibition Love Stories might as well be the most extravagant virtual enterprise to date. 

“Love Stories defies the ephemeral and instantaneous nature of Instagram. It aims to explore the emotional, psychological, and sentimental status of a wide online community through social media language. I want to create a new space of sharing ideas, visions, and impressions of love, identity, body, solitude, belonging, diversity, future,” says the Italian artist about the display that goes online on May 4. 

The artworks will take a form of surveys on Fondazione Prada’s Instagram stories. Through each segment, the Milanese gallery will invite its followers to choose between two possible options and take sides in favor of one of the two proposed statements. The collages inspired by TV reality shows include a snapshot of Lady Gaga saying “Come and hug me!” and “Please don’t touch me!” or an image of James Dean and Marlon Brando with similarly confusing labels.

Other stories will include pop stars such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Cher or works by Caravaggio and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

According to curator Eva Fabbris, each of 50 pictures will make Instagram users “accept the necessarily simplistic binary logic of surveys and participate in a seemingly easy game.” At the end of each week, polls’ results will be commented on by personalities of the worlds of culture, art, fashion, cinema, music, television, and communication. By using a text, a video, or another creative contribution, each of them will try to decode the answers and interpret the participants’ moods and emotions.

After all, the exhibition’s main objective is to “sketch a portrait of a community of people sharing existential conditions such as uncertainty, suspension, and desire to restart in this historical moment,” adds Francesco Vezzoli.

Love Stories

The digital exhibition starts on May 4 on Instagram and is scheduled to continue throughout the month.

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