A free online course developed by The University of Helsinki and the Reaktor agency aims to demystify and educate people in artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence plays a major role in our everyday lives. In its many forms, it is responsible for the quality of photos we take with our smartphones or for the comfort we feel while shopping online.

To help people better understand its basics, the University of Helsinki and the Reaktor agency launched a series of free online courses called Elements of AI. The program aims to explain what artificial intelligence means, what it can and can’t do, how it works, and how it will affect us in the future.

Elements of AI

We want to encourage as broad a group of people as possible to learn what AI is.

Over 370,000 people have already joined the initiative, which is currently available in English, German and Scandinavian languages. Since Finland is presiding the Council of the EU at the moment, it has decided to translate the course to all the languages of the European Union. That means the six chapters of Elements of AI will be soon available in Spanish, Italian, Czech, or even Maltese.

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