Space, the final frontier, finally doesn’t seem so distant. Thanks to NASA and virtual reality, you can go where – literally – no man has gone before.

In January this year, NASA announced that it had selected the first commercial destination module for the International Space Station. The habitat will be provided by Houston’s own start-up Axiom Space and should be up and running in just four years.

The downside? Prices are reportedly as high as $35,000.

Yes, the module was designed by legendary French designer Philippe Starck, and the ticket includes a 15-week training. Still, if you want to experience a “star trek” on your own without spending a dime, you can do so with Mars 2030 Editor, an open-source VR experience.

The original, commercial release of Mars 2030, which is available for headsets Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index, is a simulation that allows you to explore the Red Planet from the comfort of your home. The free version, however, promises even more fun because it lets you build your colony.

The Mars 2030 Editor edition comes with all the content and systems found in the retail VR project. That means you get access to the space concepts, data and forty square kilometers of Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Martian terrain information supplied by NASA.

Mars 2030 Editor

Build and explore your Mars colony in VR.

And don’t forget that if you feel like discovering beautiful landscapes on Earth, you can always put on your headset and delve into the picturesque sceneries of cherry blossom festivals in Japan.

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