Feel like spending your evenings confused and repulsed? Then you shouldn’t miss this special free selection of movies by MUBI and Fondazione Prada.

The unusual cinematic collection called Perfect Failures focuses on movies that were “widely misunderstood upon their original release.”

The screenings were originally intended for Fondazione Prada in Milan, which had to temporarily close its exhibition space due to the pandemic lockdown. Instead, the program will be available from April 5 through MUBI, the curated streaming service.

It will celebrate box office flops, critical disappointments, shocking divergences from a beloved artist or films burdened with a difficult production. Overall, the cinematographic journey spotlights titles that were “ahead of, or ingeniously behind their time.”

Perfect Failures will open with Southland Tales, a science fiction comedy from 2006, in which Dwayne Johnson an Sarah Michelle Gellar strive to survive in a dystopian Los Angeles. The spectacle will continue with Charlie Chaplin’s 1967 romantic comedy A Countess from Hong Kong featuring Marlon Brando and Sophia Loren, and the fans of anarchic sci-fi comedies shouldn’t miss Fedora, a flick from 1978 directed by Richard Kelly.

However, the selection also includes a 1995 erotic film Showgirls by Paul Verhoeven.

Perfect Failures

The series of movies begins on April 5. MUBI is currently offering a free 7-day trial.

In other news, PSB has unlocked its archive of 179 documentaries, and you can stream them for free.

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