The leading British institution has gone virtual and lets you examine a 3D model of the famous dinosaur Dippy, join online talks, and take self-guided tours.

Dubbed as the β€œcathedral to nature” by its architect Alfred Waterhouse, the Natural History Museum of London is a leading research hub and a tourist magnet. Each year, more than five million visitors enjoy its galleries, exhibitions, education programs, and events. It appears in movies, gets cited in books, and visiting it is the dream of countless natural science nerds around the globe.Β 

The museum’s collection is incredibly broad, placing it at the top of the list of the best natural history museums around the world. Its archive includes more than 80 million plants and botanical items, 55 million animal exhibits, nine million archeological artifacts, and hosts around 500,000 pieces in the geological inventory.Β 

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For more than 250 years, the iconic foundation has been stitching together bits and pieces of world history to grant us the understanding of the natural world we have today. From the Big Bang to dinosaurs, from moths to giant squids, this treasure trove is unstoppable even during the pandemic.Β 

Although currently closed to the public, the Natural History Museum of London is offering exceptional and thought-provoking virtual seminars, tours, and educational experiences. On Tuesdays and Fridays, for instance, you can hang out with scientists during the Nature Live Online talks, while for the rest of the week, you can take a digital stroll around the museum or deepen your knowledge of some of its jaw-dropping attractions.Β 

A recording of the live talk Plastic in the Thames with Alex McGoran from Department of Life Sciences

Explore the history and life of Hope, the blue whale, examine a 3D model of the skull of Dippy, the famous diplodocus at the entrance of the museum, or admire the seabirds, rocks, minerals, and pheasants of the Hintze Hall balcony, guided by the unmistakable voice of Sir David Attenborough.Β 

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You can also get hands-on with the Try This At Home section of the website, and create a volcano, learn how to press flowers, and learn how to conduct scientific examinations of plant and animal specimens crawling in your garden.Β 

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