Do you miss visiting museums and galleries just as much as we do? Then become an amateur curator with OWW, a virtual sandbox experience for art connoisseurs.

There are many fields that coronavirus has shaken up, but it’s obvious that the art world has taken one of the hardest hits. Artists and performers are out of work, many venues around the world can’t reopen, and since canceling most of their blockbuster shows in early 2020, international galleries and museums have yet to figure out their future program for a limited crowd of visitors.

The jet-set days are over, and visiting local shows might not be an option for some time. However, figuring out the future of art is now up to us – thanks to our newly developed virtual tools. One of the most recent additions is Occupy White Walls, a sandbox experience that asks what would happen if the curation of exhibitions were more user-oriented. As an answer to this question, OWW provides a whole new world where you can start your own gallery from scratch and select your environment, building materials, and artworks from a diverse catalog spanning multiple centuries.

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Want to exhibit a Caravaggio side by side with a painting by Artemisia Gentileschi, the forgotten Old Master? Or perhaps make a trippy Hilma af Klint the centerpiece of your show? Even if you don’t know where to start, OWW offers a playful way of creating a collection with two co-curators powered by artificial intelligence: Daisy will help you discover art without needing any prior knowledge of the field, and Maisy will provide a list of artworks that will be a close match for your existing selection.

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Stiki Pixels, the company behind Occupy White Walls, has recently released the Early Access version of the program – it is free to play, all you need is an active Steam account. Although Early Access means that OWW is still under development and you might run into a bug or two, the program is stable and definitely worth trying out. Not only will you have a fun time, you’ll also get to learn more about the history of fine art along the way.

Occupy White Walls

OWW is currently available for PC only and features more than 6,000 artworks along with 2,000 architectural assets.

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