All episodes of Our Planet, which shows Earth’s most striking sceneries and examines how climate change impacts all living creatures, are now available for free.

In light of the global pandemic, most countries effectively shut down. And while we all hope the quarantine measures will soon be over, they have had one positive side-effect: a dramatic fall in the level of global carbon emissions. According to studies, their decline will be the largest ever on record.

There are millions of reasons why the recovery from this crisis must be green, and you can see all of them in the documentary series Our Planet produced by Netflix. In a bid to ease the days we spend at home, Netflix has uploaded all episodes on YouTube, where you can watch them along with other free documentary movies from the world’s most popular streaming service’s archive.

Narrated by natural historian David Attenborough and created in collaboration with WWF, Our Planet takes you on a journey through the world’s many regions and reveals the enormous biological diversity of our planet. However, the visual experience doesn’t shy away from displaying the negative consequences of human behavior on the environment and reveals how climate change influences all life on Earth.

The series received overwhelmingly positive critiques upon its release in 2019 and was viewed by 25 million people worldwide in the days after the premiere.

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