When times get tough, people get creative. And so did the team behind React Finland, who has reshaped the tech conf into a series of free online mini-events.

Under normal circumstances, the coding community of Helsinki would now be looking forward to spending the next days in the Paasitorni congress hall. There, from May 28 to 29, they would listen to in-depth talks regarding all this React, the popular JavaScript framework for developing desktop and web applications.

But the conditions have changed – and so has React Finland. Given the present global situation, the chamber tech event with an international following has moved the whole line-up online. But, instead of running a standard digital conference, the organizers came up with an original solution and split React Finland into short, inspiring, live sessions that will continue over the rest of the year, with each one focusing on a different aspect of contemporary programming.

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The series of free monthly mini-conferences will kick off on Thursday, May 28, at 5 pm EEST, and will be dedicated to the topic of documentation. Since the issue is frequently ignored, there is a lot to explore: The four-hour stream will be introduced by Carolyn Stransky and her lecture Humanizing Your Documentation and will continue with Kenigbolo Meya Stephen’s take on documentation in legacy React code. Margarita Obraztsova, who’ll speak about diversifying frontend state management, will close the segment.

There will be a panel after the three talks with all of the speakers.

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However, the conference will be preceded by online workshops, which will take place from Monday to Wednesday. These classes, designed for a maximum of thirty participants, will dive into topics such as building modern forms using GraphQL or exploring React features that have been recently implemented into the framework.

In contrast to the conference, the lectures are subject to a fee. You can also buy a premium ticket for the conference, which will unlock extra features during the live broadcast and support the community-driven event.

React Finland

The first of the monthly mini-conferences starts on May 28 at 5 pm EEST. More dates will be announced through the React Finland website.

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