React Summit, one of the most important JavaScript events in Europe, goes online and offers free talks in two tracks.

Just like most conferences worldwide, React Summit too had to postpone its physical event. The convention, which was supposed to take place in Amsterdam this April, will happen in the Dutch capital in September, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your healthy dose of innovative ideas on web and mobile development this spring.

React Summit is coming to your living rooms on April 17 in the form of a free digital experience.

What does it mean? You’ll be able to catch live talks on ReactJS and other languages by CEO of Zeit Guillermo Rauch, Gatsby’s Max Stoiber or Amazon software engineer Sangeetha KP. Gremlin’s senior frontend engineer Jen Luker or Haris Mahmood from Shopify are also scheduled to appear.

While the stream will be accessible to anyone for free, the virtual conference offers additional paid participation. It will allow you to chat directly with the speakers, engage in one-on-one advisory sessions and Q&As, take part in workshops and network with others in Zoom rooms. To get 15% off your ticket, just use code SFREE at the check-out.

React Summit 2020

Register for the free live stream that broadcasts on April 17 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. CEST.

Get 15% off the digital ticket that unlocks additional access using code SFREE.

React Summit is not the only interesting this to do from your couch without spending a cent, though. You can build and explore your own Mars colony, tour the cherry blossom festivals in Japan, or watch a selection of “misunderstood” and “disappointing” movies.

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