Did you know Finland is currently the happiest country in the world? Luckily for you, Finns are sharing their recipe for happiness through free online videos.

Should anything positive come out of this global crisis, let it be a renowned interest in mental health.

For decades, Western society has been driven by economic factors that promised a better tomorrow for the whole civilization. Yet, the pressure of the constant demand for growth has contributed to the very opposite, marked by a worldwide spread of depression or deepening social divisions, among others.

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But as Finland shows, it is possible to be both happy and successful. In fact, while the country maintains its position as one of the wealthiest nations, it has also been chosen as the happiest society in the world for three years in a row. How do Finns do that? Well, you can learn all about their philosophy of life in a series of free online videos called Rent a Finn.

Rent a Finn 2020 online
A preview of Finns’ lifestyle © Rent a Finn

In five broadcasts, which go live every Friday at 5 pm local time, Finns will show you activities that make them happy, from relaxation to eating or exercising. The hour-long motivational videos that run from May 15 to June 12 will be available on the initiative’s website as well as on Visit Finland’s Youtube and Facebook channels.

The whole program will then culminate between June 22 and 26, during which you’ll have the opportunity to talk with happiness guides in online 1-to-1 sessions. The fifteen-minute remote meetings are free as well and are designed for anyone curious about developing a sense of calm and maintaining a good mood.

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