The popular app has unlocked its premium features for the rest of 2020, so now you can uncover the stories behind the works that shaped the history of art.

We bet you thought the lockdown would excuse you from going to museums and galleries, didn’t you? Well, bad news, because Smartify, the iOS and Android app dubbed as “personal digital curator,” has opened its archives to the public. That means you get access to verified information on two million artworks from 120 cultural powerhouses from all across the world.

Through visual and audio tours, Smartify allows you to discover the mysteries of Mona Lisa, appreciate the brushstrokes of van Gogh’s Starry Night, or help you decipher the complex symbolism of the Great Sphinx of Tanis. You can “place” the art objects in front of you and examine them thanks to augmented reality.

In addition, Smartify lets you engage in lectures designed by leading art scholars. At the moment, you can take a trip into the history of mythology with Cambridge professor Mary Beard, or embark on a journey through the Great Gallery of the Wallace Collection in London with Dr. Xavier Bray. The app also holds numerous artists’ biographies, from Old Masters to Asian avant-garde of the 1980s and Erwin Olaf, a Dutch contemporary author.

And, of course, Smartify includes a tour of the most important art pieces from the Louvre collection.


The premium features are available for free until the end of 2020.

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